Wednesday, November 28, 2018


With only about 5 month to go until the Federal Election, you'd expect the Mainstream Media with the usual Commentariat, to be discussing the prospects of the incumbent Prime Minister and Government against Bill Shorten & the ALP/Greens alliance.
BUT.... What I would never expect this early in the countdown, is for so many of them to be CALLING IT !!!

Since the recent removal of the pseudo Conservative PM Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, via much desired coup that has given Australia a Conservative PM in Scott Morrison, we have already seen a return to an upward direction in the Domestic Economy, Employment and in Policy strengthening overseas and on our Borders.

Obviously this is GOOD NEWS now, but the many years of the previous destruction caused by the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Labor Govt, then followed by the TRAITOROUS OCCUPATION of the the Highest Office in the Land by a bitter Leftist pretender, there is still much to do and even another full term alone will not return Australia to the glory days of the Good Governance of one PM J W Howard OM, AC.

So why is our MSM still hell bent on pushing the point that as a result of the madness that just occurred in Victoria (officially now having the most dangerous Capital City in the Nation) with the return of the Andrew's ALP regime, is this proof positive that a Conservative and unashamed Christian PM and his Government, NATIONALLY "on the nose" ????

It's a fabrication, a LIE that is being propagated over and over again by the crumbling 5TH Estate until enough of the unengaged and already dumbed down masses, turn up on Election Day and Vote ALP who preference the Greens (their Marxist Comrades), becuase that's what the guys and girls in the Media reckon we should do.

Mainstream Media controls our minds if we allow it, which alas is almost the norm in Australia. Therefore they have the POWER to cause significant social and political changes according to their own agenda. As most of the MSM dance in their Consensus Thought Collective, to the Pipes of Pan these days, thanks to the "Long March through the Institutions" by the Marxist Social Engineers, then we can expect Polls to swing towards the Comrades of the Left.

That is why they are calling it now, their BRAVADO is based on years of trial and error and now they believe that they have reached the tipping point, where the vast majority are no longer capable of making an informed choice based on their individual research and understandings. What the ABC, most at SKY NEWS and the usual suspects on the Commercial Media Networks say, is the way we should go.

The true test of whether or not Australia has become the Utopian Marxist Society of SHEEPLE will be be determined at the next Federal Election, when they give the keys to THE LODGE to one of the worst and most untrustworthy Union Driven and Paid for Leaders of the Opposition or remain in safe and confident hands of good fiscal Governance under the current PM, Scott Morrison.... in my humble opinion.

May God SAVE us all from another ALP/Greens Govt.

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