Monday, November 26, 2018


Greens MP wants kids to skip school for climate rally

You really can't anticipate the lengths of insanity that the Greens and any of the other Marxists out there will go to in their goal to kill our way of life..

I read this one and thought immediately, that this Piped Piper of Madness, needs to be institutionalised and not receiving taxpayer money as a wage, let alone have the ability to cast determining votes in the Parliament of Australia, and then I remember that it's much worse than that as I know that this Watermelon was elected by Everyday Australians.

WELL, there are definitely now two classes on "Everyday Australians", because I and I pray that most of us, wouldn't want to be lumped in with those "punters" anymore.

This insanity only further emphasises my often mentioned public opinion that a responsible and rational thinking parent, needs to Educate themselves about The origin of Marxism and Communism, then find out what exactly what LIES are being poured into their children's impressionable minds at their school (not all schools or teachers of course) and then spend some time explaining to them about modern history the precious hard fought gift of the society that we enjoy now, and read to them from the pages of Antonio Gramsci's , "THE LONG MARCH THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONS" on Marxism, which steadily and assuredly, generation after generation is reaching its long game objective end of destroying Western Civilisation from within.

The power is actually still in the hands of Australians to stop this Cancer on Society but only this current Generation, otherwise it will be the last !

On that sobering note. Farewell and God bless you.

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