Tuesday, May 12, 2009


There really isn't much anticipation in this Budget, although that is the claim. Most of what is coming has been strategically leaked for some time and it is that alone which really is what my point is all about.

The contempt that this Labor federal government has for Australians by leaking figures and facts, with a mix of political spin based on the most expected recession in history, that should be sending that loudest signal to voters about just what Rudd and Swan really do feel about you. You are the masses , the dumbed down masses and you are expected to swallow all of this pork barreling and pandering in the form of hand outs and yet still believe that the government is on your side in the fight against inflation and unemployment.

If you thought the government was going to give you paid maternity leave then I wouldn't blame you. All week, on all media that is what has been sold. Forget it, you've been Rudded again. It will not appear in the budget , they can't afford it and it will only rear its head again in the lead-up to the next election, by which time we will have reached 100 billion in deficit -- and of course that will be the end of that.

Please show me anything that this ALP mob of socialist criminals has done to secure the prosperity of Australia for this and future generations? Nothing but meaningless symbolism and fiscal mismanagement and all this in the race to stay ahead in the polls. The saddest fact about all of this, is that it actually seems to be working for them. Looks like the Fabian doctrine has really succeeded.

Please read this brilliant piece by Piers Akerman from News Limited's Daily and Sunday Telegraph if you think I am just being a conservative stooge. Piers never makes any bones about the side of the fence that he stands on but there really is nothing of bias about this comment, the truth can really be the hardest pill to swallow.

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