Sunday, May 3, 2009

Swine Flu eh ...hmmmmmm?

We read that Swine flu found in Canadian pigs comes from Mexico

Look I don't know about this one. I am not a big one on conspiracy theory but I will remain sceptical for the time being on this being anything near pandemic or an actual deadly virus that has originated from pigs. I am sure that viruses will become an ever growing threat to human beings but I am just as confident that we will be able to combat them.

My doubts stem really from the fact that there are just too many conflicting reports about the actual origin of this virus, the speed in which it has appeared and yet has not taken any lives in countries outside of Mexico (except for an infant in Texas and we all know just how deadly any type of influenza is to the very young, old and sick).

Also the fact that Mexico is the country of origin (the US does have a real issue with border control & illegals crossing the Mexican border) and the timing in relation to the current global fiscal picture.

You remember SARS and The BIRD FLU epidemic. Both had immediate effect on first world economies. Both were soon out of the news cycle and just as easily forgotten by the masses when the media hype stopped.

As every day goes by, more and more people are waking up to the fraud of anthropogenic climate change. Just maybe the people behind that greatest scam in world history are also be causing another campaign of fear for the same purpose of population control and the one world government agenda?

This is a wait and see one because it will be a fairly short matter of time before the truth is known and if the panic isn't effective then something else will need to be devised in a hurry ....

I say the next big fear campaign will involve the question of breathable oxygen on the planet. See if I am wrong about that one!

The World Health Organisation is a body of boffins that really have as much credibility in my book as the United Nations, I see the two in tandem operation here.

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