Friday, May 29, 2009

ON THE NOSE: Kev is joining swine flu and Rugby League

I haven't drawn a thing since the budget but that's OK because nothing has really changed much since then. Swine Flu is still spreading spreading and the pharmaceutical stocks are rising, Rugby League players are still disgracing the great game and the political ball of blame is still being kicked from pillar to post.

Did I say not much has changed?.... Well actually there is one thing that is changing and I am so very glad that the rest of the country and the world for that matter is starting to wake up to the global taxing scams associated with "CLIMATE CHANGE".

Yes our own PM is desperate to make up lost popular points by continuing to honour his Greenie promise of pushing through the Emission Trading Scheme, another bad play PM!

A scheme it is indeed and as the brilliant SCIENTIFIC observations of our own Dr Ian Plimer are read and agreed upon globally in his new book HEAVEN and EARTH -- and other sceptics (not heretics Penny Wong) expose the groundswell of true scientific awakening (see Ian Wishart's book AIR CON for just one of the new examples of bravery) Kevin Rudd continues to honour his pledge to the sycophantic lefty Greenies who helped him greatly to get his current job....

Guess what? The EFT is on hold or even dead in the water. See here

And if the opposition and independents hold their ground --and surprisingly even some Greens who now seem to understand that the county's prosperity is the only thing that will pay their wages -- then we should soon see an end to this nonsense of human-induced climate change and a return to a governance under a conservative government with the interests of Australians first and foremost.


The Weasel said...

One of my fondest memories around budget time involved the inflation of the ARL teams sex issue. ARL is a team sport .. but the press went berserk in ways they didn't with Rudd hanging out at Scores. Rudd is Zelig, and he cannot tolerate not being the center of attention. So when the criticism of the ARL team was at its height, Rudd steps in with a comment that said "ARL is his religion."
So what was Rudd saying? Rudd likes group sex? Rudd can't bear cameras not pointing at him? Rudd is a fan of NSW administration, like with Orkopolous?
I note that Cronulla team are looking down. I wonder what can be done to cheer them up? Something which might get them to work together, as a team? Something they all enjoy? Maybe Rudd will join in. Unlike Rudd's other work, it won't cost Australia anything .. and that is why the press' eyes are being drawn from the budget.

ZEG said...

Great comment Weasel, you should write them and I will draw them. I just love your insight , especially on this one. You remind me of a great conservative guy that I know called David Ball....Ever heard of him ? His video Post are the best ?