Friday, January 8, 2010

Peter and Kevin are having a whale of a time

Day 47, and protesting NSW farmer, Peter Spencer, continues to slowly die up a pole on his property that the ALP Government has STOLEN from him and still not a sign of Penny Wong ALP MP, Peter Garrett ALP MP, Kristina Keneally ALP NSW PREMIER and most importantly, the man of the moment, the man who could actually get peter down and save his life, ALP PM Kevin Rudd. See here

Yet whilst this great Australian dies for his and all of our rights as free property owners, Peter Garrett is waxing lyrical about his up and coming on stage Sydney Festival gig ....

..... All this while doing nothing but spouting platitudes of just how much he has done to save our Southern Ocean Whales, that are being fished in OUR waters by the Japanese. In three consecutive hunting seasons, Garrett and Rudd haven't saved one single whale from ending up on the dinning tables of Tokyo. To the contrary, they have assisted the Japanese hunters by allowing Japanese aircraft to provide surveillance support for the hunting fleet, by being able to fly from and land on Australian soil !!!!

Even the mad Greenies, who have been bed buddies with the ALP for many years, are now calling Rudd and Garrett "Spineless". I never thought I would agree with Senator Bob Brown about anything.

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