Monday, January 18, 2010


Looks and personality preferred to competence?

See this one yesterday? NSW Labor Party leader preferred to Liberal Party leader in poll

Yes folks, breaking news from Camp Fairfax. Keneally is the preferred Premier in NSW!!!

Now if they had polled us all and asked the same question, I would have bet a million dollars that the answer would have been very different. Maybe it would look like it currently does if they had asked if we preferred Premier Kristina Keneally to say, Bob Carr or Morris Iemma or Nathan Rees or even Al Capone? Sure, then I would say that she is much more likable a person than those options but who out of these people polled, actually know enough about the current Premier of the Opposition Leader, Barry Ofarrell, to truly say that they are likable people?

I for one have met Mr O'Farrell and found from that meeting that he was a likable man. I am sure from TV and Photo Ops that I have seen from our very NEW Premier, that she probably is too. That brings me to my point,....SO WHAT !!!!

Who really cares how likable a leader is!?! Have the great leaders in history all been likable and good-looking folk? of course not. Most were not that good-looking at all and as to their likability, well that's a matter of further historical examination and always a matter of personal preference.

Isn't there a question that the "useful idiots" in the left bias mainstream media, are not asking us? Shouldn't that question simply be "Who is capable of turning over 14 years of the HARD LABOR that New South Wales has had to endure, voluntarily, I might add, and returning the state into the Jewel in the Crown that it once was?" No they won't say it, because it's all about personality and Charisma now,supporting the ideology and nothing to do with policy reform.

I will shoot the next person who confidently says, "But the Libs have no policy"... Moron, go to their website, it is chocka block with policy. There is just no point selling policy out loud, so far out from the next election. Like the empty suit sellout once sang "Short memories must have a".

We are so conditioned to everything being a competition or a bloody reality show that our political leaders and the media play on this brain drain to the point now that such a poll actually holds importance to many people. People actually vote for who they think looks or sounds the best. So keep sitting in front the idiot box folks and pretty soon you may think that I am beautiful enough to be our next PM!

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The Weasel said...

You are more than beautiful enough to be PM. And you would be a sight better than Rudd. Spot on with the observation too. Keneally would win a beauty contest if she was the only woman, and Gillard her opponent. But I have met Barry too, and he is a good person, not to be confused with a nice person. Mr O'Farrell will be a good premier.