Wednesday, January 13, 2010


"VICTORY IS MINE"! Can't you just hear our pompous PM Rudd, shouting that out loud from whatever airport lounge he his in today, when he heard today that one of Australia's most desperate and deserving men, Peter Spencer, had decided today to end his 52 day hunger strike. Obviously Peter Spencer has decided through much convincing from his family, friends and supporters, that it was better to go on living and to continue the fight against this outrageous Native Vegetation Act, that is literally stealing peoples property than to be a martyr for the cause.

Already Peter's near death protest has brought more attention, both here and internationally, to this issue that any amount of court hearings and appeals could ever have done. If you are not aware of this mans fight for the right that we have always taken for granted in this country then you probably vote Kevin Rudd back in 2007 and will do so in 2010.

I am sure that many who did vote for this socialist criminal will however be adding his complete and utter inaction along with Premier Kenneally's lack of intervention to their now long lists of just why they should actually think hard about where this country is going and who they should trust with our future, come the next federal and state elections.

Bravo Peter Spencer, you are a hero of the people and full kudos goes to your and your family and the army of supporters. Your dedication and bravery has awoken the ever apathetic nation that Australia has become, thanks to decades of social engineering by the Marxists and useful idiots of the left.

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