Friday, July 23, 2010

Rudd's Big Reward

Well I was far from knocked down with a feather when I heard this not so unexpected news............. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is considering creating a role for Mr Rudd as a top-level adviser on climate change, according to a diplomatic source with knowledge of the plan. In fact it was confirmed that Rudd will take the appointment.

As Gomer Pyle would say " Surprise, surprise". Hasn't this always been this man's true agenda? Why was he spending more time overseas, courting the internationals rather than dealing with domestic issues? Was it because of security issues? clearly not, he often missed National Security meetings.

No Kevin was just networking. That is why Kevin Rudd wanted the platform of PM. Sure, it suited his ego but as a true one-worlder and visionary (for himself ) the office of Prime Minister of Australia would never be enough. K. Rudd's only desire was to end up at the UN table -- and where better to put him but as a top end advisor for climate change. A fictional product made up by himself and many other one-worlders in order to introduce massive Marxist social change and as a way to fund the entire operation with this great taxing false economy.

Sure he looks peed off at the moment, and why wouldn't he be! -- watching his trusted apprentice do a Brutus on her Caesar, and now running naked in his palace. He may even be ready to plan her execution somewhere down the track, just as a get even (which he could very well do). I mean he's playing in the big school now and one day Julie Rulia will have to ask him for a favour (assuming she wins government that is).

Mr Rudd spent several days in New York last week meeting UN officials and in true Ruddy form, wasting tax payer funds on his own personal goals. Not in the best interests of the country or the ALP.

I guess Gillard now, at least has a great excuse for not appointing him to a ministerial portfolio if she is elected PM soon. She can just say, that his UN gig is far too important and he would not have the time to be a Minister..... and that is not only true for Kevin Rudd but also a good thing.

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DaoDDBall said...

I don't think it is responsible to let either hee or she be in government .. or representing Australia to the UN.