Friday, July 16, 2010


New speed cameras to be a bonanza for both the NSW government and the private operators of them?

I was thinking the other week, when I heard about the move to re-establish mobile speed camera traps on New South Wales roads, that just maybe there was some merit in this move and that quite possibly this lame duck ALP government was attempting to at least leave us with one achievement to be proud of and wouldn't saving lives be that! Well that delusion moment was soon crushed when I read this.

Yes, our old mates, those good old clever boys and girls of the capitalist oligarchy, those who will never own or have enough money, had their fingers in this pie too.

What is it with failing Premiers and this group? As soon as there was a sniff that former Premier Bob Carr was on the way out, BANG! The BIG MAC comes to the rescue for Bob. Cynical as I am, I assume there is more to the history of that than we will ever know. Now it appears that business is rushing in for their HUGE slice of this HUGE REVENUE RAISING CASH COW that these mobile cameras will become and again this at the end of another Premier's term.

With all of that said, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised but then the biggest surprise was yet to come.

Did you hear hear an interview (14/07/10) between 2GB's Alan Jones and the NSW opposition leader, and let's face it, most likely the next NSW Premier, Barry O'Farrell? He was asked by Mr Jones if he would abandon this useless concept if he becomes Premier next year. I'll be b*ggered, he didn't commit to it! In fact he said that he will be keeping them and he will use them as the Police see fit.

I know it's a lay down misère that the Liberal Party will win this next NSW state election but surely if you wanted to secure, without doubt, absolute victory, would you not be be dropping this most unpopular policy like a bad joke? Of course you would, so why isn't he?

Has the deal already been done between Government and the Private interested parties, and will committing to breaking such a deal be an enormous litigation risk? Or is it that Barry sees this, as do so many in the private sector and the ALP, as a major provider for the NSW Treasury and a virtual river of gold. Either way, it appears that money in NSW is that addictive, no matter how good a chance you have of winning all in the end anyway.

It wouldn't change my vote but it will be a thorn in the next Premier's side that will eventually have to go.

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