Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reds under, in and above the bed!

The Labor Party will be given Greens' preferences in most lower house seats, in exchange for Labor giving its preferences to the Greens in the Senate

Clearly Senator Bob Brown was not that sincere with his previous statements about just how much he hated preferential voting deals because now he has grasped this opportunity with both hands because he thinks that he and his loony Green Party are on a winner with the Gillard Government retaining power.

The pay off for him and his party of left wing maniacs is ofcourse nothing more than power in the Senate to get through laws that will legitimise the continuing madness of anthropogenic climate change and the cure to this lie being an Emissions Trading Scheme, that will tax us all back to the stone age.

"This Greens preference deal is probably one of the sleaziest and shonkiest deals," Mr Abbott told Macquarie Radio today. And he is correct. The combined ideology of Bob Brown and Julia Gillard is very sinister indeed and will result in far left, anti christian, anti family and anti Australian sentiment in everything that their government will consider.

The back room deal down between the Reds and the Watermelons needs to be transparent to all voters and the fact that it is not will be warning enough to all voters that this is a very important election and dangerous time in our history.

Seems that the old Richo line of " Whatever it takes" applies to not just the ALP anymore, eh Bob!


The Weasel said...

Neither party stands for anything. They take positions depending what the Liberal Party does, or depending on each other. But they don't do anything useful. Greens opposed Dams and started with the Franklyn Dam, successfully opposing cheap access to water for all Australians so that now we have desalination plants in our major cities. The ALP have helped the Greens achieve this. The Greens are revealed as the ocean maid.

Jim Fryar said...

I don't know why Abbot is so upset about this. The only difference this time round is that the Greens have not gone to the usual auction process to get commitments from the Libs, in which they tend to be successful.

The Greens are the far left branch of Labor and their preferences will always go there.

The Weasel said...

I don't think Mr Abbott is upset about the deal, but I think it is his job to tell others what this means. He does a good job.