Friday, August 13, 2010

THAT meeting

Julia gave her pet journalists only a brief and stage-managed look at the meeting between her and Kevvy

It seems that the Prime Minister would have been better off leaving her campaign in the hands of those who put her in the job in the first place rather than claiming that the real Julia will now be running the show from now on because if the last week is any example of just who effective a campaign manager Julia Gillard is, then who could honestly concede that she will be a good Prime Minister for this country?

Her approval rating is low and this last week has shown her up on several levels of incompetency again especially in her decision to convince the still very angry Kevin Rudd into joining her camp.

Rudd is clearly not a well man and this will only go to fuel his disdain for the very person that he felt he could trust to be at his side during this election. Every time we see Rudd on the TV and especially at Julia's side (if he actually does do that, I doubt it!), will so many people simply be reminded of the recent assassination of his place in office and will be reading the body language that even the clever Rudd can not seem to hide.

The other question is just why she would want a failed PM/politician, that the party was forced to remove, at her side let alone the front bench. Reminding the voters of the very disastrous policies that lead to the internal blood bath in the first place? Talk about allowing the enemy within, to attend your garden party! MADNESS!!!

I mean, just who is running the federal Labor Party of Australia? and more importantly, who will be running the party after the election? Is the new Julia or the new Kevin or the faceless king makers in the party room? Too many question marks!

I have been watching the new 24hour NEWS channel that was launched only a few weeks ago on the ABC. That in itself is no coincidence in my opinion. Even the true sceptic or lefty would not deny that the ABC has been for many decades the media cheer squad of the Australian Labor Party and I believe quite unashamedly has co-ordinated the new 24 hour news channel to offer that much more support for Julia or Kevin during this campaign.

If the Abbott Coalition Government is elected then the new 24 hour government support channel may just have to watch itself very carefully because if Abbott is true to his word of cutting public money waste, then I am sure that the channel may be amongst the first of the Rudd/Gillard Big Government bodies to get the axe.

Like they say, a week is a long time in politics and this week has been the longest in Julia Gillard's political life, I wish her many more.

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The Weasel said...

Politically, I want her time in politics to come to an end. She has exploited those she sought to represent.