Monday, August 23, 2010


These are interesting times to say the least but still it is very healthy and good for democracy and a reminder to all why we must be vigilant to protect it at all costs.

I am sure you feel like I did on Saturday night, it was like watching the grand final, your team was playing and there was a tied result with the decision as to the winning score remaining on the shoulders of a faceless video referee to get around to making his mind up. In our case the video ref will be a handful of ex-Nat Independents and a Green (the Green who will side with the Labor party of course).

It won't be good for business confidence, though, and with the Greens now set to cause policy paralysis in the Parliament I believe we can expect to see the value of our dollar start to fall very soon.

The good news is the national swing against Labor and the strong message that this sends to all. This swing wasn't all due to incompetent ALP state governments and the political execution of Kevin Rudd but I believe was in part to the last 3 years of waste and mismanagement -- not to mention the massive debt and deficit that we all face now -- and also in part due to Gillard's abandoning her party's leftist support base regarding climate change and the ETS back flip and her anti gay marriage stance (I applaud her there) thus resulting the huge Green vote.

One thing is for sure, that from now on the pollies will learn a lesson by this and be more careful about taking us all for granted in the future.

I do think that the remaining independents will do a deal with Abbott as they are former Nats and probably still hold to a conservative ideology. This will depend a lot on just how accommodating Abbott will be though, so it is not a lay down misere and certainly it would only be wise to keep the Nationals out of the negotiations.

This is a great result for rural Australia as the independents in questions do hold constituencies in the much neglected regional areas of Australia.

Parliamentary reform may be on the cards and a few bills that Abbott hadn't considered may be passed without too much opposition as a result of any deal with the Indies -- but then again the Greens will have some real power in the Senate now and this will paralyse any real Conservative protection bills for the next 3 years but should nullify the madness and chaos that the Greens are no doubt determined to unleash on us all.

Seems to me that regardless of the leadership outcome, assuming also that we do not get called to hold another election by the Governor General, that things will remain at the status quo and hopefully the blockage to the ETS and the reintroduction of the "Pacific Solution" will still make it through.

We are on hold to the rest of the world and this hasn't happened in 70 years and I am sure your call is actually important to the Canberra Cronies this time around. I would like to state that the Canberra press gallery really do have some real egg on their face and the media cheer squad is very quiet in its Gillard support since Saturday's historic election outcome.

Can I draw your attention to a new political magazine that has hit the national scene in the last week. It is the Next Strategy and although I am a regular contributor and obviously biased in my praise, I would ask you to check it and consider making it a part of your monthly news read. This magazine along with The Spectator Australia (weekly) are about the only non-left alternatives when it come to the freedom of speech choice in the Australian press.

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