Friday, August 13, 2010


Revenge is sweet! well it would certainly appear so in the case of previously deposed ALP leader Mark Latham. It's no secret that Latham has a huge disdain for the Australian Labor and his 2005 book "the Latham Diaries",which slams his former colleagues and party was no doubt a masterpiece of vengeful sour grapes.

He did also slam the media in the book, so it seem a little weird that he has now become a member of the main "Lame" stream media as a journalist for Channel Nine.

I recently heard that polling had labelled him as a hated figure by the general public, but I can't really believe that. He brings back to the boring political scene a touch of Keating antics and hard hitting that we all needed to spice things up a bit.

His recent doorstop approach on PM, Julia Gillard..... was a spectacular return to "that handshake" moment that he will always be remembered for during the 2004 Federal election when he virtually manhandled former Liberal PM, John Howard.

I think it stands to reason that Latham would choose the media that he has so publicly berated in the past, as his missile launching platform for the "get even bomb" and really it is the best way to expose both sides of government for all of their failings.

I am glad he can't draw, he would certainly put a few editorial cartoonists out of work with his dry humour and cynical nature. For all of his ideological failings, in my opinion, he is one of the more intelligent writers on the current scene and this is evident in his regular column in the Australian Financial Review, simply brilliant writing and a true insightful understanding of the machinations of politics and in particular, the Labor Party machine.

You would think that a conservative like myself would have no praise for this left wing Whitlam worshipper but it seems to me that he has seen the light on a few levels and let's face it , although he will continue to attack the Liberals on policy, at least he is doing just as good a job on the other side, his former side and all for the right reasons, "Sweet Revenge". I think deep down the man's heart is still breaking, but I won't lose any sleep over it, how about you!?!

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The Weasel said...

Bolt attacks the Liberals when he can find a way too. Latham does have his good points .. as a journalist. But like Gillard, he should never have run the country. The ALP is divided from the top down.