Thursday, November 14, 2013

Here's a parting gift Australia, with love from Kevin.‏

I tend to recall Kevin Rudd having a meeting in Hungary a few years ago. I am 99.9% convinced that Kevin has sewn up a U.N style diplomat job for himself in Europe and that he knew this well before he was made leader of the ALP again and was just waiting for the election (that he also knew he would lose) to be over before his retirement announcement last night.

Cunningly and true to his nature, Rudd did hang on so that he could tick off "DESTROY JULIA" on his REVENGE BUCKET LIST & succeeded. I am also confident that in his mind there was no need for him to sit on the back bench whilst wasting precious years, better used as a UN player, which in my opinion has always been a marker on his MAIN goal, to be head the U.N.

Just as clever was the timing of the announcement, which gave those opposite no time to prepare a more considered eulogy for a former retiring PM still within the House.... and this resulted in the Liberal leaders having to speak from the heart (well aware that Hansard misses nothing) thus resulting in a more than generous bout of accolades that were far too gracious and hypocritical in their praise for a man who will be remembered as one of the 3 worst PM's this country has seen, more so than the black arm history brigade who will remember his meaningless "Sorry Stunt"...IMHO.

This by-election in Griffith (thanks for the cost of that Kevin) is a two edged sword for both the Govt. and Opposition. Either way, the result will not be a good look for the losing party, a matter that Kevin Rudd really couldn't care less about and is a win win for him as there is no love lost with Abbott or Shorten.

Did you know that there are now 7 living PM's drawing a huge weekly pension?

Good bye K Rudd, thanks for nothing and I will not be forgetting you in a hurry, in fact I still draw cartoons with Whitlam in them, so you can expect to pop up again in future scribblings.

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