Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Feast of Fools is OVER!‏

It's been most amusing and enlightening for me to watch the usual suspects in the mainstream media and, surprisingly, some not so usual ones, literally crying and bleating because the new Federal Coalition Govt. has decided not to play the 24 hour media cycle game and actually control the flow of information and especially information concerning security sensitive information & foreign policy.

 The MSM has been fattened on daily announcements and political stunts for the last 6 years thanks to the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd media circus machine of distraction and this addiction will not slide easily for the press gallery etc.

You'd think they'd enjoy the extra time to sit back, think deeply and try to properly analyse the political conversations thus providing the public with a better, more considered, informed and less knee-jerk reactionary reporting.

This style of Governance  makes me feel quite comfortable but what it has exposed, I guess, is the standards or lack or standards that our media companions now hold themselves to. The quick flashy rhetoric driven columns and sound grabs are just easy to run, with the benefit of a the lack of scrutiny by peers and public simply because the cycle is moving too fast to stop & study.

Basically speaking, it's time the Mainstream Media in this country stopped being lazy and got used to fighting for not just a comment but a meaningful TRUTH -- and stop filling in the empty spaces with their opinion because it sells papers, favours ideological support ........

Leave opinion to the talk-back hosts & callers, political TV talk panels, the writers to the editors page, the opinion editors and of course the satirists.

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