Sunday, November 24, 2013

We are not the champions, my friend

I am not sure where you stand on the Republic debate, personally I like the Monarchy and the current Constitutional arrangements under the Commonwealth, and whatever your take is absolutely up to your good sense, as it should be.

What does make no sense to me though, is to hear the current Governor General of Australia, the Representative of Her Majesty the Queen, state that she is behind the push for a Republic and if that isn't shocking enough, she steps over the line again by engaging publicly in her support for homosexual marriage

....which is a very political issue and out of order for her to make comment on. Clearly Mrs Bryce (she's lost all honorary respect in my eyes after this stunt) has deliberately chosen to use the office and platform of Governor General of Australia to have a dig at the Monarchy and push her own and her son in law's (Opposition Leader Shorten) barrow on gay marriage.

The first and only mistake so far that the Prime Minister has made since coming into office was NOT to accept or even insist on the resignation of the current G.G, due to what is obviously now a huge CONFLICT OF INTEREST

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