Monday, May 26, 2014

Once bitten, twice shy!‏

Senator Bill Heffernan's security testing stunt today was in my opinion one of the best things he has ever done for the security & reputation of the country. Clearly the budget cuts to security at Parliament House must be reviewed immediately. Bugger the renovations, because when a bomb goes off in that place, new paint and fixtures won't really matter much.

As a bloke who has worked most of his life in many fields of the Security industry, including Airport passenger screening and screening at many major Government establishments, I can surely believe that the Parliamentary Security staff would not be down on the good Senator's unorthodox methods, rather these professionals would be feeling very nervous about letting staffers (disgruntled or radicalised) pass their point unscreened. They will relieved with the hope that they can do the job they are paid to do without corner cutting.

 How would you feel coming off a Security shift at Parliament House, Canberra knowing that a suicide bomber had passed you undetected and not only were Governments employees killed but members of the public, maybe even school children? Can you also imagine the international embarrassment? Heads of State won't be lining up to visit of Nation's Capital Hill.

Good work Bill Heffernan, I hope who ever is in charge of this gets proactive rather than the unthinkable reactive alternative.


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