Thursday, October 30, 2014


Australian public broadcaster, the ABC, censors conservative comments about its programs

I don't know if you put yourselves through the pain of watching Q and A every Monday night but I certainly do. It's important to me to know just what our leftist brothers and sisters are thinking and this forum is one of the best for exposing the enemy within.

 Shame though about the distracting left wing graffiti that fills the bottom of the screen from start to finish -- and how it has become a little competition for the Marxists and alike to try and get their leftard comment or quip up on national television.

I have been trying for years under my twitter handle of @zegcartoonist but no matter how benign or relative, polite, direct or humorous and even brief, I have never been successful. I assume that this is because the twitter feed is moderated by your typical ABC employee/s who have no interest in freedom of speech or democracy but rather use this unbridled power to make sure that only their mates' voices are heard, and no doubt I am not in the clique!

I had to test the theory so I created another twitter account and under this new and unknown name, I tweeted a very lefty style comment. It was up within seconds. The next week using the same twitter account I put up some common sense and witty tweets but this time from a conservative view, no need to tell you but not one posted.

Have been at it now for weeks under the new name and it seems that my new identity has now been labelled "Conservative-NOT FOR BROADCAST". Of course they will tell you that it's all in my head and that all tweets posted on screen are decided on merit and value to the discussion, etc etc. Well, that is true but what they won't admit is that the discussion is always one sided and rarely will a counter political point slip through. Any regular viewer of the weekly show could not doubt this claim.

I've been wanting to do this cartoon for a while now and I hope that it finds its way to Mark Scott, and the Twitter commies at AUNTY that think that they are getting away with their bias on the taxpayers' dollar. Things are going to change at the THEIR ABC soon and we will see objectiveness and balance returned to our public broadcaster before the place is sold.

Please be my guest. Tweet this cartoon, post it, share it, I don't care anymore, I just what balance back at OUR ABC!!!!

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