Sunday, June 21, 2015

Crash & Burn Bill‏

28 percent and falling! .... Well, is anyone really surprised?, even Fairfax is turning on Bill Shorten now. Although the "useful idiots" in the leftist media will continue to feed the "RED PILL" of negativity to the punters when it comes to the PM and the rest of the Coalition (except for Turnbull of course), now even they can't ignore the damage that the nose mining, snot goblin chewing, Leader of the Opposition is doing to their beloved Socialist Party.

Tayna Plibersek is the one to watch for succession but it is my opinion that things are going to get very dirty very quick and that the great back stabber will soon feel the knives in an almost karmic return.

Anthony Albanese is definitely starting to make his profile far more public and today he was one the very few ALP Federal front benchers to have the grapes to appear on The Bolt Report. He certainly wasn't there to put out any flames on Shorten's burning political career, in fact I am sure his timing was perfectly planned and that he certainly didn't do himself any wrong by going on Andrew Bolt's brilliant show, in what I believe is the beginning of his campaign to get the top job.

I am sure that this left winger was appealing to many of the fence sitters and ALP voters who just couldn't give them another chance in 2013. Of course he will have to do something about Tanya as gender politics and her strong stance on leftist progressive policies will hold her in favour of the centre to the extreme left.

Oh and by the way, I have watched the nose picking and eating video a few times now and I am convinced that this man who wants to be the Leader of this Country has one hell of a disgusting habit.

As the Union man's work experience past is catching up with him (the bloke has more skeletons in his closet than an out of work taxidermist), we are seeing more and more revelations about the juvenile and sneaky character of this bloke (in my opinion) and when someone can make Kevin "EarWax Feasting" Rudd look not too bad, then I can feel an election coming on.

I hope the PM doesn't pull that trigger yet as I am sure he also realises that the best friend in Parliament that he now has in Mr Bill Shorten and he would be the better opponent at the next poll. Shorten is simply unelectable!

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