Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Let the Devil have his say.‏


If you didn't watch the regular Monday night taxpayer funded Lefty echo chamber show, also known as Q and A, then you will most likely have heard all about it by now.

The show was it's usual leftist biased self from the start but no one could have thought that even these Leftard Producers would wheel out a convicted criminal and well known Jihadist/ISIS supporter to ask the panel a question.

To even have him in the same room with decent Australians of all types was bad enough but to actually allow Zaky Mallah to express his twisted and evil point of view to anyone on that panel & the viewers, should be a crime in itself!

I hope that the person/s responsible soon join the line of the unemployed.

I think that even if Lucifer was invited on to pose a question, that even he would have been bumped to make way for this bastard just so that he could promote himself, his Death Cult Caliphate and intimidate Liberal MP, Steve Coibo.

Minister Coibo did himself and us all proud when he look Mallah in the eyes and told this wannabe terrorist celeb, that "he would be proud to be a part of a Government that would ensure that he couldn't live in this country" {sic} and by God I applauded this because I am sure the Minister echoes the mind of every decent Australian, everywhere.

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