Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The NEW Mad Men of Rome

Background on the Pope's latest moves

I am not having a go at the Catholic Church. Half of the people I hold dear to my heart, including my wife, are devoted Catholics and I believe that the Church is certainly good in many ways. But all Leaders, be they Leaders in Politics, Religion, Military, Business & Community should never be above critique.

What I am saying here, and it should be obvious enough, is that I do not approve of the Head of the Catholic Church or any Church, getting involved in the Anthropological Climate Change (or Global Warming) debate by giving the scammers that push this "false science" theory, a Papal Endorsement. This is Papal Fallibility in my opinion.

I was thinking, "why would the Pope of Rome suddenly back this Left Wing LIE, especially when most of those who dance to the Marxist Piper's tune, would like to see the Church that he heads fall into ruin?" Jumping onto this bandwagon makes no sense at all!

Then I thought, it has to be a PR stunt. A way to use an issue that doesn't contradict the Scriptures and will draw the Christ haters back. Then I thought, how far can this go?

Typical of the ingrained hypocrisy of the Left to start praising The Pope when he follows one of their lines, whether or not he actually believes in any of it?

The cartoon explains all.

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