Wednesday, October 7, 2015


A bit after the event but I was waiting for more to happen on this Islamist Public Execution of an employee of the NSW Police Force. Certainly not leaving the opinion pages or Talk Radio chat in a hurry.

You'd expect the "Usual Suspects" of the Leftist MSM to whitewash the fact that this was a murder based on a religious belief, by calling it a "POLITICALLY motivated crime" but when our "Conservative Government" Leaders such as the Usurper PM Turnbull, also refers to the incident as a Politically motivated incident, as well as the NSW Liberal Premier, Mike Baird, then excuse me for thinking that I now live in an alternative universe.

These Pollies of all colours just can't say the the "I" word , which must be due to some politically correct based fear of a backlash from Muslim voters and the Left, who will immediately play the bigot card!

 Immediately after the killing, Turnbull stresses that the Muslim Community will be "Especially" grieved by this murder!.....

Really, Chairman Mal? ESPECIALLY distressed, more distressed than the Mr Cheng's family and friends, more distressed than the rest of the Australian society of "Infidels" who were fortunate enough to not be in the wrong place at the wrong time when this radicalised Iranian/Kurdish 15 year old Muslim refugee, decided to senselessly kill an infidel and then Martyr himself in the name of the Islamic Caliphate?

How about more disturbed than the horrific effect on the lives and the families of the 3 NSWPF Special Constables that had to no choice but to engage in a gun battle that resulted in a life being taken? (incidentally, 3 personal friends and ex colleagues of mine)

Meanwhile across town, American Pro-Life Activist, a CHRISTIAN MAN, who is doing all that he can to stop the murder of unborn children, is RED FLAGGED as some kind of "UNDESIRABLE" visitor, due to baseless claims that he, a man who opposes the death penalty, a man who believes that all life is valuable, is suppose to have called for the execution of Doctors who perform abortions! A statement that he has denied, many times over.

NO!!!!, the objection to Troy Newman  entering Australia and joining the Right For Life public speeches, is just another attack on the Church of Christ by the Left. His visa issue could have easily been fixed up alas this man was not on the side that now runs this country.

This Conservative Liberal Government is infested with Leftists and we can already see just how dramatically the tone of the Media has softened right down since PM, Tony Abbott's disgraceful knifing as well as the Govt. actions such as the APPEASEMENT of Islamists continues.

Hizbut Tahrir, an ISLAMIST HATE GROUP, BANNED ALL OVER THE WORLD, is free to speak anywhere in Australia but Troy Newman, a White, Christian Pro Life Activist, BANNED!

Sucks the air right of the room. I have no idea where this country is heading but it does seem that it will only get worse before a huge event of some kind causes a Conservative Revolution to correct this societal suicide.

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Anonymous said...

Truer words were never spoken. Glad I came across your website via Michael Smith's blog.