Tuesday, September 29, 2015


With all of the Grand Final action around, I thought that this was a good theme to jump onto.

 It certainly seems to me and most Conservatives that believe as I do, that there is very little light shining between Turnbull and Shorten, as far as their Leftist policy agendas are concerned. I'm not too sure that we can even trust him with the economy, as it is my opinion that he's probably a closet Socialist. I mean, why would a fiscal Conservative or a Social Conservative ever consider joining the ALP?

We all know where the Greens stand, Marxists at heart, and again closer to the opposition and this illegitimate PM (imho).

I was thinking about a cheer squad to put in the background and was going with the Leftist MSM and then remembered that the PUP was definitely a one man show at the moment, with little chance of doing anything in the next election, I doubt that Clive will bother running, thus a more entertaining and yet visually disturbing aspect to the cartoon. I don't want to lose sight of one of the most entertaining Parliamentary members in years...... I'll miss him.

Sure, there are still some excellent top shelf players in the Coalition line up and some are on the field, alas many are also on the bench and just wasting their talent as the watch their team team fall down the ladder. I'll not change my team colours so easily because Coaches come and go, and that's just the nature of the game that we love so much.

Still, without a true Conservative alternative Party, the game looks like it will be a pretty boring one, as the teams all pretend to battle on Policy but really it's just another personality competition as they try to score in the same end of the field......THE LEFT END!

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