Monday, October 19, 2015

Not another Lazarus rising story

It sure must be eating the hell out of the Peanut Gallery and especially the likes of Mark Kelly. Just look at the sorrow in his eyes in this SMH link.

There will be no "Lazarus Rising" story for this Opposition Leader. He should have known when he was on to a good thing and have been aware of the power that the Leftist Media does have over all the punters, even Laborites.

Since Turncoats assassination of PM, Tony Abbott, the media have certainly been courting this Usurper and 'Socially progressive' liberal. They only really backed Shortens plays, even as shallow as most were, because he was facing Abbott, the "dreaded Right Wing Social Conservative"!

 Now the cast has changed, Turnbull get's the LMSM LOVE, which is of course feeding the ridiculously high polls.

It will drop off as the election nears but I doubt Albo or Plibersek think for a moment that the King Maker Bill, will recover enough to make it happen again for the ALP/Greens.

Hard to get rid of him now, Rudd saw to that, but he will certainly deposed after the Fed Poll.

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