Wednesday, April 19, 2017

So who's going to look after the sick in Rural Australia now?

457 Visas abolished and Not A Thing mentioned by any of the Commentariat about the immigrant doctors and how this will effect the Health Services outside of the City Centres.

Doctors from overseas are brought to Oz to fill workforce shortages in rural areas- the places where few Aussie doctors want to practice. So what happens when it's time for them to renew their 457 visas, and who's going look after the rural and regional medical needs if they fail?

This cartoon:

Doctor visiting the Dept. of Immigration Office, making her 457 renewal application -- and asking a pertinent question. Turnbull is giving the answer that matters to him.


Anonymous said...

The AMA restricts the number of students accepted into medical training so as to keep demand and wages for doctors high, (and prestige high too) so the country is made short of doctors, but then the government brings in foreign doctors to counter that effect.

The AMA is the problem; their restrictions on medical students create the need for foreign doctors. There are plenty of people in Australia smart enough and willing enough to supply all the doctors we need, if the AMA would allow it.

Paul said...

If ever a profession had an "emperor's new clothes" culture, its the Australian Medical profession.