Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The UN-safe schools Program gets the well deserved HOOK in NSW

This is my comment on the so called "Safe school" program, that has just had its funding pulled by the NSW Govt. I couldn't be happier!

The focus of addressing ANY anti-social behaviour in our society is definitely a priority of course, for any stable Society to exist, and School Bullying is certainly one of these EVILS that need to be addressed properly and without further delay by all of our Educational Institutions.

Zero tolerance on such sick behaviour is definitely the way that works effectively, in my opinion, followed up by serious counselling for the ones causing the assaults. The victims should never be forgotten either in this regard. We just need teachers that aren't afraid of actually calling out and stopping such terrible and LIFE DAMAGING behaviour. Rip the weed out before it can grow, so to speak.

From the inception of this Safe Schools idea of the Gillard Govt., I immediately recognised a new vehicle of Social Engineering, via that old Political Correctness Card of Gender division, contributing to the continued emasculation of Males in our Western Civilisation by the Marxist 'Long March through our Institutions'.

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