Friday, August 1, 2008

China's Olympic censorship

Unless you understand the deluded confusion of the mentally disordered mind of the liberal , only then will you understand the outcry of disbelief from such organisations as CNN,NBC,BBC, Reuters, and other useful idiots when a hard line COMMUNIST regime such as China decides to renege on allowing free and easy communications and Internet traffic to the International Media covering the Olympic Games.

Until the Iron Curtain of China falls, then make no mistake folks, Western Democracies will always have a very real and present danger and no amount of Olympic Games or smiling children holding hands in Tiananmen Square will ever change that reality. Just because they trade with us means nothing than that the sleeping bear is getting bigger and bigger every day. At the risk of saying I told you so...well!

Latest update on Chinese Olympic censorship here. They seem to have bent a little in response to pressure from the Olympic organizers

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