Thursday, August 28, 2008

Unprincipled conservatives in NSW

Power FROM the People

Well, if you live in New South Wales then this cartoon speaks loudly for itself, no need to explain the nitty gritty behind it and if you don't live in New South Wales then you probably couldn't care less.

However if you don't care less then you are more than likely the type of person who allows socialist criminals such as the NSW ALP to become elected. Talk about a blurring of the political ideological lines. Here you have a socialist government in a constant fight with the Unions and wants to sell off control of traditionally state run utilities and on the other hand the more conservative and capitalist party is opposed to the sale of the power grid!!!

Ahhhhhhh, when the Libs get in, they will most likely try to sell it off as well. The current opposition coming from opposition leader Barry O'Farrell is simply to assist Morris Iemma in his slow self destruction as leader.

Sit back Barry -- because the hard left of his party and party faithful will see to that happening. Personally I want Iemma to be leading the ALP to the next election because then the job for the Libs will be that much easier.

For readers outside NSW, the fence-sitter is the leader of the NSW "conservative" opposition, Barry O'Farrell and the whistler is the NSW Labor Party Premier Morris Iemma. The stickers on the car read: "Kevin 07", "I heart whales" and "unions".

Read more here about the disgraceful betrayal of conservative principles by the NSW "conservative" parties. Conservatives who don't believe in privatization? Only in NSW!

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