Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ludicrous legal lunacy

This is about a shocking recent story......... A seven-year-old boy who stabbed a teenager in an unprovoked attack has been set free, because of his young age. The little boy from Raymond Terrace had been with two others aged about 10, when they walked up to a 14-year-old girl yesterday afternoon and insisted she follow them.

When the teenager refused, the seven-year-old stabbed her in the hand. Police caught the boy, but after questioning him, say they weren't able to lay charges or order counselling, because the minimum age of criminal intent in NSW is 10.

Well there you have it, cause, effect and result. What more proof do you need to realise that the hands on the clock of society have moved so far to the left now , that the great social engineering plan that has been slowly unravelling since the 60's HAS FAILED.

These kids were caught and let go because of the civil libertarians push to destroy the establishment and in particular law and order. Socialists and Anarchists all over the country will be celebrating this victory. However I suspect that the majority of decent Australians are just as appalled by this outcome as am I.

I pray to God that this kid and his mates get the mental help and discipline and guidance that they need to turn their lives around or is it too late? Will this kid grow up to be just another statistic in our over crowded gaol system, or maybe even another Matt Bryant, Ivan Milat or Charles Manson?

Have I gone to far? ...of course not. Because all of the above scum were ignored and abused as kids and used their rights to get around the law and stay on the obvious course to Hell that they were on. I bet all these MURDERERS as kids enjoyed pulling the wings of flies too.

Watch this space and let's see if this goes any further although I sadly doubt it. The next we will hear of this lad and his pals is when they are over 10 and have actually murdered. I don't want to be right about this but if we don't start thinking and claiming back what has been lost then I can see no other future.

Bleak? sure but only if we ignore this as yesterday's news and someone else's problem.

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