Monday, August 25, 2008

Kevvy: Between a rock and a hard place

Or is it the ham in the sandwich?

Who voted for this guy? really! Can anyone out there tell me how KRudd must be feeling now?

Because here is what I believe: Not only are more and more ACTUAL REAL scientists coming out with the truth about the great global warming scam but now our great PM of Rhetoric who was so quick to use the media-brainwashed public's belief in this rubbish is now thinking about how heavily he is going to have to apply his great plan to save the world.... from nothing.

Of course he must appeal to the enviro-Nazis' deluded urgency and hit the road hard and fast on emissions trading. I mean a deal is a deal and it was the Green preferences that got this mob over the line -- and whatever you do, do not believe it was a "RUDD-SLIDE" election. Check the numbers. In November "07 the country was split almost 50/50 according to the publicly accessible figures from the AEC!

However, I digress. My point is that although the radical left will demand nothing less than full speed ahead on the E.T.S., the other more relevant player in the game, the business sector (and even the self confessed fiscal conservative KRudd knows this) wants a more careful and slower approach to the scheme so the economy will not take such an immediate and most likely fatal jolt.

So who is this man's master after all? only time will tell! Is it any wonder this PM spends more time overseas than he does in his own country? Just maybe he's really in the job for the frequent flyer points because after 10 months of federal ALP I still cannot see anything produced that comes close to representing the interests of this generation of Australians, let alone the next.

A recent editorial setting out the limits of Kevvy's options here

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