Monday, January 12, 2009

Of sharks and welfare housing

(There have been several shark attacks in Australian waters in the last few days and in Sydney there was a huge riot in a welfare housing estate)

Well all jokes aside I too am afraid of sharks.Only a mad man would treat these predators of the sea with disrespect. They are there and always have been and it is all apart of nature's game. Most of us are aware of the risk that is taken when you enter their domain.

Still it's not easy to find sympathy for any animal that kills our fellow man yet you must respect the obvious truth in the end.

What is just as frightening is not a part of nature's game but rather the game that the Social Engineers set up about 30 years ago and as each generation of housing commission ghettos become more and more a no-go zone not only for the public but for police also then isn't it about time that we as a civilised society do something about it?.

Instead we just move on to the next issue in the news cycle and then scratch our heads and so how sad when another one of these Gaza Strip experiments explode. The problem that the government (both parties) have now is that this is just too big a problem to address overnight. Not one pollie has the guts to tear these socialist failures down and start again by first accessing and relocating each individual case.

By assuming that all people are equal and like minded was mistake number one. That all people will actually use the safety net as a way to get back to self independence rather than using the safety net as a hammock for life goes far towards pointing out just how far removed our political leaders are from the future good of the Australian people.

I do have sympathy for many of those who have been forced into this world to know no other life than that of complete social welfare. Also I feel for those who don't want to be in this situation and will do anything to get out but still keep getting pulled back by drugs, booze and other addictions and mostly by a failure of their own self esteem and self worth.

Kids having kids and to make it worse being encourage to do so with baby bonus payments (not one of John Howard's smartest moves) and a free house for life. How could they have been so naive to think that the long term effect of social reliance will not result in social delinquency?

Well the scary part is that they did know! Police are told to show force but ordered to do nothing but contain the violence. This is the so called "progressive society" that the left think we all want. Sometimes I think it's safer swimming with the least they're honest.

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Oswald Bastable said...

3/4 of the world would be queuing up for a place in that 'slum'