Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oz banks still coining the dough

Well as important as the entry of a new US president actually is and as historical as this particular man is, I still have to remind all that bother to follow my work that it was the policies of this President's Democratic Party that were truly responsible for the financial mess that we are ALL in now.

Yet as the world slides down the fiscal sword handmade by the vote-hungry dooooogoooders our great "UNREGULATED" banking system continues to put the boot in to the wage packet of the Aussie punter whilst we still have a few bob in the pocket.

I guess as most, they too see the writing on the wall and in my particular part of God's Green Garden....New South Wales, which is now OFFICIALLY in RECESSION (as if you didn't notice?!) The greed just continues to ride on unchallenged.

ATM fees at record high levels and not a damn thing you can do about it in this 24/7 cashless society where we now live. Some would say that it's all apart of the "Progressive Society". I call it for what it is, greed and a money grab. Bring back the oversight !

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