Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To India we will go

With the jobless figure rising now the new reality and the brain drain to other countries (especially to the sub-continent) a shameful fact of life in Australia 2009, it makes you wonder just what will face university graduates today as they try to find the industries that were certainly here when they started their studies up to 6 years ago.

I for one am asking my kids to slow down and carefully look around and really think about their career choices due to the fact that their chosen fields just may not exist in this country by the time they get there.

Sure things are bad economically speaking but as has happened before this too will turn around. The problem is that these high skilled positions that we were once in the forefront with will simply need to be an imported service whilst we continue exporting the expertise.

Where is the sense in turning our back on future generations by making it impossible for them to excel unless they are prepared to leave the country? With an ever-ageing society, who the hell will be here to look after the needs of this already social welfare reliant land?

This is a question I would like answered by our leaders but as usual the silence from both sides is deafening !

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