Tuesday, March 31, 2009


SPIN, SPIN, SPIN, RHETORIC, RHETORIC, RHETORIC. Talk about a classic case of "I TOLD YOU SO ".

Police have been warning of Criminal Biker Wars for years and years. Obviously we've learnt nothing from the Milperra Massacre.

The consorting laws that this boofheaded New South Wales ALP wants to introduce will do nothing (as in the past) but make criminals of those who just do it for the bikes and the mates, meanwhile the real members of the criminal organisations will simply go further underground and become more sophisticated in their dealings and communication. This is a big money operation and these crims will protect their lifestyle at all costs.

As I see, it couldn't be simpler. The laws are there to arrest any person who commits any indictable offence. These organised crims are well known to the Police and can be infiltrated by under cover cops and informants can be well paid to grass on them.

The problem is that the Police Force (I mean "Service") is falling apart. In connection with the constant frustration of arresting and charging crims and then seeing them stick up the two fingers as they dance out of court with a slap on the wrist or at worst go away for a taxpayer-funded holiday and reunion in the the big house that lasts a few months, and the lack of hardened front line cops (who weren't trained in the skills of empathy and tolerance) among the dwindling numbers of skilled and experienced detectives to make a strong case based on the evidence, what else could be the result but of what we are seeing now.

Tough Cops who can go in boots and all and raid the club houses at will and "Hanging Judges " that will not bow down to the intimidation of political correctness or the offender themselves, that is what the public are screaming for, and that is not a "Police State" as the snivel libertarians would have you believe.

Two blokes have a chat in bar and they just happen to be wearing bikie gear or ride bikes on the weekend (that's their escape) are now considered public enemy number one with out any evidence or proof of criminal activity, well...there's your POLICE STATE !

They are getting more like their Communist Comrades everyday and again are using the tool of fear to convince the sheeple that it must be done to protect them. I wonder if the NSW Left will ever start wearing BROWN SHIRTS again and just be a little more honest about the plan?

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