Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Biker brawls in Sydney airport terminal

"This is your Cartoonist speaking and welcome to another Sunny Sunday Arvo in good old Sydney Town. Please be sure to remove all items when departing and make sure to collect your duty free items also. I will leave you with my thanks for being such great passengers and wish you well as you make your way through the brawling and bashing outlaw biker gangs in the terminal on your way to your loving family and friends. Thank you for flying ZEG AIR and for voting Labour in the last state election."

If this media report isn't the last straw that breaks the camel's back then we are OFFICIALLY under the control of criminals and gangs in this city and this state. This disgraceful lack of public protection, especially at a place that most consider the safest place to be, has been a long time coming and really I am surprised it hasn't happened earlier.

It's easy to gloat and point the finger but really what else is left to do but hold your head in your hands and say this can't be happening in my country.

I am sure we will get the usual "get tough" rhetoric from the usual political suspects and commentators, even a new TASK FORCE to deal with this scourge. If only I could be so assured that these "OUT LAWED" "ORGANISED" CRIMINALS will actually be hunted down, one by one and taken of the streets for good, then there is hope..........

Now who has their head in the clouds? I guess Osama Bin Laden is looking at this on CNN and thinking "boy that was easy, I must get there one day "

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