Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shark Costello endangering Liberal leader Turnbull while Rudd makes hay

Prime Minister Rudd used a naughty word recently but Liberal Party leader Malcolm Turnbull may have more use for it

Whether or not the PM's swear word gaffe was an accident or some kind of Machiavellian way to appear like the common man or as a distraction is neither important nor relevant.

What is important in my opinion is that this self confessed fiscal conservative is again throwing away our money to save the only job that is above all other jobs ...his!

What is also just as disturbing, is that so many out there are so conditioned to government handouts (thanks Gough!) that it will actually work at raising K Rudd's appeal to the punters.

$900 will do nothing to stimulate the economy to a point that we are actually shielded in any way from this "SHIT CYCLONE".

I imagine most people will use the money to wipe out a bit of credit card debt (with the institutions' criminal interest rates) or pay the car rego (a major Rip off by the overlords at the R.T.A) / repair suspensions (destroyed by our crumbling roads) or even fix their teeth (if you can find a dentist that is).

After all that spending is done then we can expect to wake up to a new dawn of fiscal recovery ?........COME ON !

Over Fifty billion dollars wasted on political posturing in the name of saving the Australian economy, whilst jobs continue to go offshore and the politicians continue to call each other names and blame each other for the policies that have gotten us in to the mess that we are now ALL in.

Peter Costello is making all the right media moves to raise his profile and I can understand why Turnbull would be a little concern. Whether or not Peter has the numbers for a successful challenge to the leadership is another point of confusion among the commentariat -- but what is agreed upon is the poor public face of disunity that the Federal Liberal Party should be more concerned with and the fact that none of them are doing anything to oppose this continuing slide of our country into the abyss of SOCIALISM and the NEW WORLD ORDER.

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