Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lots of sharks to cope with

Three shark attacks in as many weeks in the "safe and clean" waters off Sydney! Media Report here

Think about that and then think about the Greenies (who do control Government) who take no responsibility for their policies that attract sharks to our shores with statements of "natural feeding cycles and coincidence". The same Greens and useful idiots who state the opposite view when it comes to the scam of man made climate change. Talk about "You say night and I say day".

Here's a news flash, not only is it DAY but it's the Dawn of the End of our way of life! Granted a pretty heavy comment but is it not time to stop worrying about the false worlds of sporting legends to entertainment gurus and start doing something about our PROTECTING our children's future?

Borders, Language and Culture, our very way of life that we and all before us have striven to perfect are now literally being bargained away by our elected (and non-elected) leaders of all political parties and government tiers. They clearly do not care about any of us.

I believe a revolution is coming to the West and those who put us in this position will not escape the Gallows of History's wrath.

Go for a swim if you dare. Personally I think it would be safer than investing in Australia's economic/socialist locked future. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is a Fiscal Socialist and NOT an Economic Conservative ..... Can we at least agree on that?

Media Report on that here

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