Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WHAT border security!?

More useless illegals to feed, clothe and house at a time of increasing unemployment and economic stress?

I trust you all had a meaningful and dedicated time of remembrance during last weekend's Anzac Day. The day when we remember those who not only believed in border security but actually did something about it and for many, made the ultimate sacrifice to maintain it.

Shame that we now have a government who obviously show by way of their actions that those very sacrifices were nothing more than an historical anomaly and that the borders of Australia are free to cross by all those who will firstly pay big money to an enterprising drug dealer for a spot on a floating coffin -- also those who luckily make the journey of death and are then expected to be believed by our authorities as long as they remember the political party in power at the time of arrival.

Media report here

Yes, I will make it clear, the softening of our processing of ILLEGALS has given rise to more and more of these people jumping the legal queues of those who deserve to come to the greatest country on the planet and thus denying those folk an allocated spot.

This trade in people smuggling is just as despicable as any drug dealer and thus the cargo should be treated in the same manner. No tolerance, no listening to the lies of hardship from people who are simply country shopping for the best bargain on the planet and that is the deal being sold to the third world and other places by, you guessed it..the Rudd Labor Government.

Our previous PM John Howard, did at least reduce the numbers by sending the tough message "Come here illegally and get caught, it's detention behind razor wire and then a trip back to your original place of departure", instead of "Come here illegally and we will process you quickly in comfort and caring surroundings so
that we can resettle you in Australia and get you on to the social security merry-go-round as a soon as possible....remember vote ALP"

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