Thursday, June 4, 2009

It is now UNAUSTRALIAN to call yourself a CHASER Fan

"Chaser" is an allegedly humorous show on ABC, Australia's major public broadcaster

Well when does satire stop being satire ? the answer is when you start making fun of terminally ill children and the organisations that try to offer them one last smile whilst they are still on this planet. The ABC's THE CHASER's WAR ON EVERYTHING have not just stepped over the line of decency, they have leaped over it in a STUNT that would make Evil Knievel blush. See here

How appropriate to use the word evil -- as that is exactly what this is -- and to think that your taxpayer funded National Broadcaster thought that this was all in the name of good humour and taste. I believe that these uni student clowns and the socialists that run the ABC are so self deluded in their power (remember this station is the only one on air that ACMA, the regulatory body of standards can not touch !!!???) that they didn't see that the following national outrage was going to be the only result of this particular segment.

Clearly the writing team of this show have run out of ideas. John Howard isn't there to kick anymore and they certainly aren't interested in kicking their illustrious leader KRUDD, therefore the attempts to be funny are now going into the sick range.

Anyway, this may just have been the straw that broke the red camels back because now ABC management are rushing to apologise and statements of an internal review of the program (don't make me laugh) are filling the airways.

Personally I am very interested to hear from our politicians on both sides (still what does one expect to get from them except for tusk, tusk, shame, shame) and I am particularly interested in what the communications minister and the arts minister will do when referring to the next ABC funding arrangement.

It's true the ABC really doesn't rely on ratings but it is just as true that shows like the Chaser are very much interested in a huge audience as, like most programmes on the network, they would love to be picked up by a commercial station for the big bucks that would follow. I doubt any commercial network will touch these idiots with a ten foot pole.

I am thinking of putting this cartoon on to a T-Shirt and selling them on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Starlight Foundation....stay tuned for that.

What the Chaser clowns and the ABC should realise is that Freedom isn't totally Free and thus Freedom of Speech and Expression does always come with some conditions and can have consequences.

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