Friday, June 12, 2009

The MEAT HEAD slur on us all!‏

I trust you have all heard of this latest brain snap from the man who still thinks that he unjustly lost his birthright to be our Prime Minister (strewth! talk about the country dodging a bullet!) and is still sucking lemons as he prepares to write his weekly piece of poison only to publicly display just how much of an angry man he really is.

I feel nothing but pity for this bloke called Mark Latham, pity that he can not use his brains (and he is a very intelligent fellow) to do more than attack those who stood up against his class war revolution and his hatred of the institutions and heritage that has given him the safety and opportunities to actually become the former leader of the Australian Labor Party.

It seems amazing that any Australian of any political persuasion would hold such disrespect for our men and woman of the Australian Defence Force and even more surprising that they would so publicly and baldfacedly call these heroes, past and present and future, both unintelligent and MEAT HEADS? because they choose to serve their country and are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice.

It is obviously to me that the man is suffering from a mental disorder which blinds him to the basic truth, that the freedom that he has to publish such words without the threat of imprisonment or even death is because of the very people that he defames.

Yes Mr Latham I too am using the freedom of speech that so many have died for so that I can tell you that: "Freedom isn't FREE and that the cost of such a privilege is constant vigilance against those who would take it away in an instant and an understanding that freedom comes with responsibilities and accountability for how it is used"

If I were you Mark, I would be doing everything to admit that you were wrong and remorseful for your comments about Australia's defence personnel so that you are not remembered as a man who spat in the face of the very people who gave you the Australia that you and your children enjoy this very day. To slur our diggers is nothing less than an attack on us all.

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