Monday, June 29, 2009

Turnbull and Rudd (The Movers and Fakers)

I am sure that these poll results (again I state that I put very little trust in any poll, good or bad) are not and never are ignored by the politicians -- and in this case the Federal Liberal Party will not be happy with this one.

Good to see that the backbenchers as well as the front line are showing solidarity against the stone throwers of the left in media and the ALP, to force Malcolm Turnbull to resign for the good of the Libs... Ha that's laughable. No this time I believe the party will stick by their leader and the up and coming seasonal break will provide enough time for the Ute Gate debacle to leave the collective memory of the punters when the next approval poll comes along.

The genuineness of the email (???) is still not the question here and I am sure in hindsight the leader of the opposition would have taken more time to check the validity of the claim. However this oversight will prove to the incumbent government that they can not so easily dislodge Malcolm Turnbull, and again in the minds of the voters there will certainly be a sense of a united opposition party. Wayne Swan still has a case to answer.

Talking about fakes, did you see the great pretender on Rove again last night? Another staged and contrite attempt again by the Prime Minister to appear to be an average sort of knock about bloke who is in touch with the common folk. Well Kevin's attempt at ad-lib humour was as thin as the G-String worn by his newest admirer, Bruno. Maybe Rudd should employ Bruno or Borat or Ali G as a speech writer?

This is the sort of stunt that I hope will be remembered by the voters as a clear character flaw in a man that has so many public faces, one would not be wrong if they compared him to someone with a split personalty disorder or at least a severe identity crisis. Basically the public are very confused as to who the real Kevin Rudd is and that is his fault for not ever appearing honestly, in a "take me as I am" approach as his predecessor certainly did.

It would be nice to think that our leaders were beyond such shameful displays of insincerity as the Rove stunt was and were actually more interested in addressing the woes of the nation and building a better future for our children!

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The Weasel said...

I'm reminded of this timeless question. One road leads to hell, and another to great riches. At the gate to these two roads stand two guards, nearly identical. One will always lie, although the listener may identify much that is urbane, making social sense. The other guard will tell the truth, but bumbles and stumbles as a bad liar. You get to email a guard, and have the reply "That road will lead to a free ute, mate." The question is, which of the two guards is Kevin Rudd, and which is Wayne Swan?