Friday, July 10, 2009


Call it IRONIC or just what it is -- "MADNESS" -- but, no matter how you look at this current closing down and selling off of local Police Stations, it is just another nail in the coffin for not only this ALP state government but also the people of News South Wales and in particular the growing crime capital of Australia, SYDNEY !

Clearly no Policing operational gains can come of this and it is my belief that the Rees Government is doing anything that they can to increase revenue so that when the big sell comes in 2011 (the next election), that they will have the money on hand to splash about and fool the punters into thinking that they have the cash and the answers. A kind of "Let's make it worse, hurt the folks, then come in as the Knight in Shining Armour ".

Forget it Nathan, most people are aware of this trick and really you are only hurting the voters in your own electorate of Toongabbie (where a massive increase in crime has recently been reported) among many other Labour seats. That's right, they are mainly taking the stations away from the blue ribbon Labour areas because they know that no matter how bad it gets the Labour faithful will still tick ALP on the voting paper.

The fact that most people polled no longer feel safe to walk the streets of Sydney in the day time, let alone at night, is that not enough to illustrate that when it comes to law and order, this government hasn't got a clue?

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