Monday, July 20, 2009


Wow !!!! Now that's an understatement. Such a monumental feat by just a handful of men and woman and yet they have changed the world in which we live forever ...... Oh sorry you might have thought that it was the 40th anniversary of mankind walking on the moon, that I was referring to.

Actually I was referring to the oligarchy and pure greed of the Wall Street Mafia, the movers and shakers that have managed , along with a little help from their friends in the Democrat administrations of Carter and Clinton, to single handedly cost the world more wealth in one year than the entire US space programme spent in 5 years.

Another mission is on it way to the moon as we speak, I was kind of hoping that the perpetrators of the great recession that we are all experiencing, were actually on board and were holding ONE WAY TICKETS !

Why do these people still walk the streets, whilst so many now have to consider living in them ?

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The Weasel said...

The money spent getting to Mars or the Moon is well spent. The money thrown away to get the ALP re elected is thrown away. Well spotted.