Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Tell me anyone out there that would say that our NSW Police don't deserve at least a four to five percent pay rise, without conditions? Well I know some people that think it's a bad idea and they are the very same people that the good folk of NSW voted in again, back in 2007. Media report here

I don't care how tight the budget is and how low the coffers are, I just care that the very men and woman, who without exaggeration, do risk their very lives to keep you and me safe on a daily basis, are encouraged to stay in the career and not have to search for a separate source of income or leave the Force altogether. There is enough to deal with in this job without having the costs of living a constant concern.

Most sensible people understand that a lowly paid Police Force will eventually become corrupt, as the temptation to take backhanders in order to feed the kids or just to keep a roof over the head becomes that much more attractive.

The NSW Police Force are not just another public service, like the Ambulance or Fire Brigade or even Nurses. Their job description alone entitles them to receive a higher remuneration and although the current Minister of Police would disagree with that statement, he is clearly standing alone in his belief that these dedicated professionals are nothing more than just public servants.

I support the Police in their industrial action and it is now costing the Rees ALP Government approximately two million dollars a week in lost revenue, normally collected by these law enforcement officers during the course of their duties. It shouldn't be too long before the NSW Government come to their senses and understand that without a highly paid and less corruptible Police Force, that the money for all the Lurks and Perks that the Politicians and Bureaucrats take for granted, let alone the safe streets and neighbourhoods that we all take for granted, is worth more than the bottom line.

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The Weasel said...

Well spotted and presented. I support the police too.