Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Unions: Starving for the attention that they so needed and paid for

"A leopard never changes its spots" -- and how true that is when we talk about the far left of the current federal government and in particular our current Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for EVERYTHING, Julia Gillard.

The so called "NEW" Fair Work legislation that takes effect now, is nothing new at all. It is the pay off for the Unionists who sacrificed so much of their own wealth to fund the ALP campaign to get this Rudd Government over the line.

The Work Choices SCARE campaign in the lead up to the 2007 Federal Election was funded by Unions and is what toppled the Howard Government to the cheers of the traditional Labor base. What we have now is a resurrection of the zombies of the past.

Unfair dismissal laws, which were never abolished by Howard, rather only adjusted so that an employer could sack a lazy, inept and or dishonest worker, are now back.

This will slow employment down incredibly, combined with the new/old emboldened push for unions to pressure employers into unrealistic wage rises at a time when all Australians needs to pull in the belt, work harder and smarter, and think a little more about the future of Australian business viability at home rather than the "I need a new plasma TV now or beer and smokes are going up, I need more money for them" type of mentality that has in my opinion been dragging this country backwards for decades.

They are called tough times for a reason, the difference here is that the chardonnay sipping left want the tough times visited only on the employers of people! How does that make any sense at all?

Understand this about me, I do believe that the union movement has its place in our working lives. There are employers out there that will rip off the young and naive employee and these cases must be addressed with some protection for workers -- but when these checks and balances are replaced by an oligarchy that want to run the businesses and in a sense turn fairness into a strong arm movement of corruption to suit their own socialist agenda, then it's time to speak up.

I was a union delegate during the 80's and 90's and have witnessed both sides of this coin.

Unions are currently saying that workers around the nation are celebrating the return to this industrial landscape. I wonder how many will be truly celebrating when the businesses can't afford to employ Aussie workers or when simply no one is hiring or rather putting workers off as the third world outbids and out-exports this nation's manufacturers?

Gillard has called for restraint from workers but she knows as well as I do that this will mean nothing and thus her words are just more rhetoric.

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