Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yesterday our PM gave his address, on behalf of us all, to the 64th session of the United Nations General Assembly. Transcript here.

If you want my opinion, it was nothing less than a rehearsal, a screen test so to speak. Clearly our Prime Minister is no longer interested in the top job, he is auditioning for a role at the head of the NEW UN table and that will be after he and his socialist mates, like Obama, Clinton and Al Gore, actually manage to convince and or blackmail the world in to excepting their NEW WORLD ORDER.

Thirty years ago, if you mentioned the phrase New World Order, you were simply dismissed as a conspiracy nut. Today all of the G20 leaders are bandying the word around as if it were nothing new and quite matter of fact.

This is why the whole Global Warming Con was invented in the first place. It is all a part of the foundation of this master plan. Granted the United Nations has been NOTHING short of a toothless paper tiger since it's inception and I would be happy to see it dissolved but.... for what else? A selected group of leaders, that you did not select, who will call the shots for us all in the near future? I mean for example please consider this act, Al Gore is definitely on the team that Rudd plays for. Did you know that this man, Al Gore, is a confessed believer in Eugenics!!!

I wasn't surprised to see that K Rudd was still using the same old WEASEL WORDS and spin that he use to fool this country into making him the boss,I mean if a formula works, then why change it! What a shame the dumbed down voters in the 2007 Federal election didn't share that sentiment also.

He, Rudd, actually said in his address........

"What we must do is stop playing the BLAME GAME", when referring to countries that were sensibly holding out on carbon emissions trading. I mean to say, how many times have we heard that, "I will stop the blame game" and yet the usual political beat goes on, nothing changed. Therefore his words mean nothing, it's just more symbolic rhetoric to impress his friends in the G20 (soon to be the G selected) and to secure his place at the table of power.

Not even Gough Whitlam and his communist supporters were this obvious and confident.

God help us all, if this isn't the beginning of the end of our Australian sovereignty! Our way of life will soon just be pages in a classified history reference. People will still call it a conspiracy theory though, that is until they are selected for re education and or extermination. Remember what Al Gore said ... "There are just too many people in this world" ..... so I wonder who of us will get to stay and who will go and just who will be making the decision about that? No doubt I will be on the GO LIST -- but not without a fight!

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