Monday, September 14, 2009

Flogging a Dead Horse‏

Why the whip? Calls to ban racehorse whipping. Is this right? Is it really a "NATIONAL DISGRACE"?

To be honest, I just don't know. I am not a punter and have had little to do with horses (although I do like them). What I do know is that you would expect this type of protest from animal liberation activists and you would also expect the counter-argument from the horse racing industry. I do know that the whips have been modified to not be as painful as the ones previously used for generations and there is a restriction on the height that the whip is to bare from the jockey's whipping arm. Therefore you can't say that the experts haven't made compromises with regards to the horses welfare.

I tend to side in this debate with the riders and that is only because the animal rights lobbyists really may just be doing what they normally do and that is trying to bring down another industry that involves animals, and that the whole whipping debate is just a means to an end.

There is ofcourse one dead horse that will never move again, no matter how hard the PM whips it. I heard a journalist ask Kevin 07 last week, what his thoughts were on the current dysfunctional state of the New South Wales ALP Government and in true Kruddism, he spun back with his teeth clenched and his tongue firmly in his cheek "Look, every state has its small issues to deal with and as for New South Wales, well, I believe that Premier Rees is doing a fine job and will overcome these current issues" ...... GIVE ME A BREAK!

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