Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The "fun girl" with the "fat old politician" debacle

This SCANDAL, yes! another one, for me goes beyond political preferences. It wouldn't matter if the minister was Liberal, Labor, Greens or Independent, State or Federal, male or female, what is glaringly clear to me is that this elected public servant is a person that can not be trusted.

I don't care if John Della Bosca is the best politician in the world or not, I don't care if he was suffering from the hardship of public life or if he simply was going through some stupid mid-life crisis. He is married, with children and what he did was unforgivable in my book. I have no time for the mistress either who is claiming to be a victim, as she knew what his status was -- thus is as guilty of the sin of adultery as he is.

The true victims here are his family and especially his wife and children. I am no fan of his wife, Belinda Neal, I don't like her politics or her style but I will always put that aside when it comes to defending her right as a wife and as the mother of his children, to be treated with the respect and honour that comes with the marriage vow. If he didn't love her anymore -- how could he! -- then why did he not get a divorce and do the right thing by his family.

It doesn't affect you or me directly as we are not members of this family but indirectly it does and it certainly affects the government, which so many have decided to vote for again. This is just another nail in the coffin for the New South Wales State Government.

If the state opposition is taking glee in this matter then that also is shameful. It is purely for political gain but I think it would be seen as being more respectful to call this as what it is, a human tragedy were no one wins.

Belinda Neal once said that she puts the names of people that she dislikes in the fridge, well I reckon there wouldn't be much room for anything in there tonight but the name John.

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