Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Red dust storm hits Sydney and much of Eastern Australia

G'day, So how did you go today, that is if you are fortunate enough to live on the Eastern coast of Australia?

No doubt you were smart enough not to send the kids to school or go for that morning jog or maybe even just making sure that the windows and doors were closed and the pets were inside? Well you would certainly have needed to have had some common sense when dealing with this rare costal event because there was NO POINT RELYING on the Rees Labour Government for any help or warning.

The boffins at the weather bureau (the same government sponsored clowns that are trying to tell you to give up all of yours and your children's wealth in a super global taxation scheme because that can foretell the end of the world is nigh due to your smoking or your car or the farting cows) had full knowledge of this event. The people in Canberra and places in between here and there, were experiencing it.

100 kilometre an hour winds were pushing this dust cloud towards us at a steady rate and all the great technology and emergency services and plans sat silent and watched it all happen. It wasn't until around 7am that some producers at a few of the TV and radio networks thought that it might be good idea to do the Government's job by getting a medical expert on air to give us the advice that we should have been given at least 12 hours prior.

Oh yeah, I saw red today but I was looking at Macquarie Street, not the sky. Puts another slant on that old chestnut "Trust me, I'm with the Government"

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